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Safety Tips

Safety and the comfort of our guests are our highest priorities at Home2 Flowood. We kindly request all our guests to carefully review our safety guidelines before or while they make the best room booking in Flowood, MS with us.

Travel Tips
Travel Light

Bring minimal luggage to enhance your travel experience.

Zip Lock Bags

These are handy for protecting damp or wet clothes.

Use Locks

Always lock your travel bags and suitcases to prevent unexpected loss.

Carry Essential Documents

Always carry important documents like passports, driver's licenses, and vehicle paperwork with you.

Pre-book Tickets Online

Book entry tickets to top tourist attractions in advance to save time and energy.

Hotel Protocols

Upon arrival
Familiarize Yourself with Emergency Exits

Locate fire exits and staircases on your floor using the property map behind your guestroom door.

Identify Alarm Pull Stations and Fire Extinguishers

Know where the alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers are located on your floor for quick access during emergencies.

Learn to Turn Off the Air Conditioner

Find the air conditioner's "Off" switch to prevent smoke from entering your room in case of a fire.

In Emergency Instructions (Fire)
Stay Calm

Keep calm, and don't panic.

Activate the Fire Alarm

Pull the fire alarm if you're near one to alert others.

Close your Door

If possible, close doors around the fire area to contain the fire or smoke.

Contact the Front Desk

Call the front desk to report the fire incident.

Inform our Service Staff

If possible, notify service staff about the emergency.

Evacuate Immediately

Leave your room and the hotel premises promptly, following designated evacuation routes.

Carry your Room Key

Always have your room key for identification and safety.

In Case of Smoke
Use a Wet Towel

Fold a damp towel and secure it over your nose and mouth.

Contact the Front Desk

Call the front desk immediately.

Inform our Service Staff

Notify our service staff about the smoke.

Crawl to the Door

Crawl to the door. Get to the floor to avoid inhaling smoke; check the doorknob before opening the door.

Security Procedures
Utilize the Deadbolt Lock

Always use the deadbolt lock on your door for maximum security.

Engage the Safety Latch

Secure doors with the provided safety latch for additional protection.

In Case A
Cold Doorknob

If the doorknob is cold, open it slowly and exit with your room keys.

In Case B
Hot Doorknob

Do not open the door if the doorknob is hot; wait for assistance.

In Case 1
The Hallway is Free of Smoke

If the hallway is smoke-free, proceed to the nearest emergency exit staircase.

In Case 2
The hallway is Filled with Smoke

If the hallway has smoke, return to your room and close the door; follow our instructions for utmost safety.

Admittance Guidelines
Verify their Identity

Confirm the identity of unfamiliar individuals before granting access to your room.

Contact the Front Desk

If you doubt someone's identity, contact the front desk for assistance.

Protect your Room Keys

Keep your room keys safe; avoid leaving them unattended.

Do Not Share your Keys

Do not hand over your room keys to strangers or unauthorized individuals.

Return your Keys

Deposit your keys at the front desk before leaving for the day.

COVID-19 Protocols

Additionally, regarding COVID-19 protocols, we are committed to adhering to the guidelines established by our brand and the protocols as per the state laws. We kindly request that you follow these instructions

Face Masks

Please wear face masks while you are in the lobby and other public areas of the hotel.

Social Distancing

Maintain social distancing guidelines while using common spaces like the breakfast area.


The hotel cannot be held responsible for any illnesses contracted during your stay. Your health and safety are paramount; we appreciate your cooperation in following these protocols.

In Tornado or Severe Weather
In case of a tornado or severe weather, here are the safety protocols in place at Home2 Flowood:
In Civil Defense Sirens Activation

When adverse weather conditions persist, the city's Civil Defense Sirens may be activated as a warning signal.

In Hotel Fire Alarm Activation

Our Hotel's Fire Alarm System will also be activated immediately in such circumstances to alert all our guests.

In Mandatory Evacuation to Lower Level

Following the activation of the Fire Alarm System, as per our protocol, it is mandatory to evacuate all guests to the lower level of the hotel.

In Assistance from our Hotel Staff

Our hotel staff will be readily provide help and guidance throughout the evacuation process to ensure your safety.

In Emergency Notification

The hotel management will make every effort to inform you about the emergency. This notification will be passed on by phone or in person at your doorstep to ensure your safety and well-being.