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Oct 23, 2023. Home / Flowood, Mississippi / Marketing

A Checklist To Make Overseas Traveling Secure and Hassle-Free| Home2 Suites

International travel requires meticulous planning and arrangements beforehand. You cannot delay things till the end, or you’ll have to rush through the process. Whether you’re a first-time overseas traveler or a frequent visitor, we urge you to consider this thorough checklist. We have curated a list of timesaving, health, and safety-ensuring tips to consider before you board the plane. Also, we have opened hotel room bookings in Flowood, MS, at our prestigious hotel, Home2 Suites, for your relaxing retreat.  

International Travel Statistics And Spending In The United States 

International travel in the United States took a hit in 2020 due to Covid-19 and fell to $41 billion. However, as the situation normalizes, the 2026 forecast looks to reach $198 billion. It is evident that overseas trips, transportation, and hotel booking will expand soon. So, it’s better to know how to turn these trips into a hassle-free phenomenon.  

Traveling overseas for any purpose requires seamless preparation so you don’t get into problems later. Forgetting crucial documents or losing something can dampen your spirits. That is why we have brought this checklist you can tick when preparing for your trip.   

Your Ultimate Guide To Impeccable Overseas Traveling 

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Here are the must-consider tips you should implore when you get a call for a trip abroad: 

Safety Matters At All Times 

International traveling can be exhilarating and nerve-wracking at the same time. Several security concerns may make you doubtful about the plan. Studies show that 87% of travelers express apprehension when it comes to travel safety. Crime, health and safety, and terrorism mark the primary issues travelers apprehend when making overseas plans.   

However, when it comes to ensuring security, the same survey reported that: 

48% will research well before choosing travel destinations 

25% will prepare for the possible security issues 

96% are likely to keep traveling despite potential security threats 

When you research your destination well, here’s what we recommend for your security: 

  • Subscribe to the State Department’s security alerts to stay updated about travel restrictions, strikes, national unrest, or other issues in the area. 

  • Purchase travel insurance to cover emergency medical attention and other problems, costing a few to a thousand dollars. 

It would help if you did everything you could to ensure safe travel, including room booking in a secure place like Home2 Suites. If Flowood is your destination, Home2 Suites is your go-to lodging. 

Pre-Arrange Your Travel Documents  

You may lose your travel and other critical documents and cards in the packing and scheduling chaos when traveling overseas. Avoid such issues by keeping these documents aside in a safe place. Check your passport and visa and ensure they’re up to date. Many countries don’t accept passports with six months of validity left. So, ensure you arrange for these settings beforehand. 

  • Preserve physical and digital copies of all your paperwork, passport, itinerary, etc. 

  • Give these copies and contact numbers to your closest people for emergencies. 

  • Ensure your finances are sorted, international cards geared, and bank acceptance for hassle-free international purchases. 

  • Get multiple cards if one stops working. 

Keep the original and copied documents in separate places so you don’t lose both in an unwarranted situation. Also, don’t travel without your passport accessible because your room reservation may rely on it. 

Understand Overseas Laws And Culture 

If you’re visiting a foreign land, catching up on their laws, culture, etc., beforehand is a must. You wouldn’t want to offend or violate something without knowing its meaning. So, reading about the place you’re visiting will help you gain insights into their lifestyle and more. 

  • Read the nuances, dos, and don’ts of the destination to ensure you don’t offend the culture or laws in any way. 

  • Avoid stereotyping and treating others accordingly. Satisfy your curiosity by asking questions and gaining knowledge about what’s right and what’s not.  

  • Understand their tipping and clothing norms, currency exchange rates, etc., and prepare your wallet accordingly.  

Traveling overseas will become more fun and hassle-free when you level up your knowledge about the place’s legal, customs, and cultural scenario

Check Your Mobile And Internet Connectivity 

Before you travel to international sites, check with your mobile service provider and ensure connectivity is available on international waters. Although you’ll have Wi-Fi at the airport and a luxury hotel like Home2 Suites Flowood, the issues arise when you step out of these places. Robust networks and cells will help maintain connectivity throughout the trip. 

  • Factor in aspects such as international roaming or using a local SIM card and public Wi-Fi options in the country.  

  • See whether you require a VPN to access specific apps or social media platforms in that location. 

Traveling without a robust mobile phone connection is like blind roaming without a stick. Ensure you stock up on an effective plan before embarking on your trip.  

Get The Necessities Downloaded 

Our last piece of advice concerns downloading and storing the necessities in your backpack. Here’s what we recommend you bring on an international tour: 

  • Although mobile phones offer digital maps, poor connection can cause issues. So, download offline maps or get a paper map of your destination. Offline Google Maps or CityMaps2Go also conserve battery and roaming charges. 

  • Download in-flight entertainment with in-flight Wi-Fi, if possible, for long-haul flights. 

  • Ensure you carry a portable backup charger for your phone. 

If you find anything else critical to download and keep on your phone, do so and enjoy a secure and fun trip.  

Be Fun And Luxury-Ready At Home2 Suites, Flowood 

We hope this detailed guide helps you plan your international travels securely. Considering these aspects will surely help you ravish your time without worrying about anything. However, one factor we missed in the blog but stands critical at all times is room bookings in Flowood, MS, at Home2 Suites. We’re a power-packed luxury hotel with exceptional hospitality, premium amenities, and unparalleled services, excelling in guest care. You can see us at 105 Hospitality Drive Flowood, Mississippi, 39232, United States, or call us at +1 (601) 909 4000. Further, our social media addresses will help us stay linked to you: 











1. Is Breakfast Included In Room Charges, Or Will I Have To Pay Separately At Home2 Suites, Flowood? 

Home2 Suites, Flowood, offers complimentary breakfast to its guests so they can have an energizing morning.  

2. Is There A Business Center At Home2 Suites, Flowood, And When Can I Access It? 

Yes, we have a business center for our corporate guests to access from 6 AM to 9 PM. 

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